The Neuro is a leader in advanced care and probably the largest institute in the world dedicated to neuroscience. Since its founding in 1934, its donors have made possible invaluable medical breakthroughs. In order to pay tribute to these supporters, the institute wanted to create a unique and grandiose Donors’ Wall. Visual Home is proud to have developed this impressive interactive mural that offers donors a display that lives up to their generosity.


The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Architects / Designers



Donor Wall


Technical development of the structure, installation of over 600 LEDs and DMX programming behind glass doors with pivot hinges and vinyl films

Originally, the architecture and design firm Lemay wanted to create a wall consisting of four layers of glass with films on the back to give a visual depth effect and recreate a network of neurons whose layers would represent different groups of donors. However, this concept allowed no access between and behind the windows to ensure its maintenance and did not respect the customer’s budget.

The first part of our solution was to create a frame and insert clear tempered glass doors with a pivot system, thus solving the problem of access for maintenance. Then, rather than working the depth of the display to characterize the blocks of information, we have put forward an interactive display whose programming brings out the elements in a predetermined order. The assembly includes three printed films superimposed on the back of the glass and more than 600 acrylic tubes glued to the glass to diffuse LED lighting. The concept variant delivered a result that did not exceed the budget while offering a more compelling visual experience than the original proposal.