Artopex showroom

Fabric, light and technology meet in a marquee designed by Lemay for the Artopex corporate showroom, one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture in Quebec. The audacious installation starts in the basement and goes up the staircase like a snake, broadcasting luminous messages on its way. A unique atmosphere that earned the showroom an award at the Grand Prix du Design.



Architects / Designers



Marquee for showroom


LED RGB video in a case with translucent canvas

The marquee had to integrate RGB LED washers into a case to deliver programmed messages on a translucent canvas. The main challenge was to obtain an identical and uniform diffusion across the entire canvas despite the changing distance between the washers and its surface. Indeed, although it is a stretched canvas, a ribbon of such width, 10 by 60 feet, is necessarily left with a small belly.

In order to obtain a perfect video light diffusion, it was necessary to calculate the distance between the canvas and each of the LED washers, and then compensate the difference by cutting them in a decreasing format. This represents a meticulous and considerable work of measurement and cutting for this marquee comprising a total of 2,063 washers.