EstWest sales office

In the heart of Square Children, built on the former site of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, EstWest Condominiums is part of an ambitious urban revitalization project, inviting Montrealers to a high-end and timeless environment. Moreover, the project’s inspiring sales office was declared a winner of the 2018 Habitat Design Award. Produced by Visual Home, the luminous signs and the rectangular steel rod structure that compose the luminaire contribute to the unique visual signature revealed by the sales office of this building complex.


Devimco Immobilier

Architects / Designers

MSDL Architects


Outdoor sign: 1/8 “aluminum frame painted in dark blue, 1/2” acrylic painted in metallic pink, black gooseneck

Interior logo: cut-out logo in matte black painted PVC and lexan 3/16 ” clear with indirect white LED lighting

Luminaire structure: 0.250 steel rods forming a rectangular structure of 14′ x 5′ x 1′ in 3 parts

Table: 1/8 “clear acrylic oblong panel