La Capitale building

Encourage art and make a building more attractive. This is what La Capitale did by orchestrating an art competition for the creation of a piece that now adorns the outside of its headquarters. Entrusted to the Lemay agency, the concept of this marquis involved reproducing the artwork on a large scale and containing it in an irregular structure.


La Capitale

Architects / Designers



Outdoor marquis


Thermal image transfert on aluminum structure

We had to “cut” the work of the artist and transpose it on aluminum panels while taking into consideration the angle that each piece would have in the structure. The choice of the technology to reproduce the image was important because it had to ensure perfect resolution and weatherproof coloration. Indeed, it was necessary to foresee that the marquis would be subjected to extremely hot or cold temperatures according to the season and make sure the output could withstand harsh weather over the years.

We had to dissect the image in about twenty panels of different format and print each piece individually. We opted for a thermal transfer technology that consists in fusing the image with metal under the effect of intense heat, which makes the final product indestructible and without possibility of discoloration. Once we completed manufacturing, our team of installers braved a Siberian cold to put up the marquis in the middle of December. Like what, at Visual Home we are not afraid to face all kind of challenges!