Miller Thomson workspace

Eager to offer a stimulating, functional and distinctive working environment to its employees, Miller Thomson entrusted the design of its premises to Lemay. They selected modern and timeless furniture that reflects the image of the law firm and called upon our services to add a personalized touch with customized separators and signage.


Miller Thompson

Architects / Designers



Separators and Signage


Custom-made separators: cut and painted aluminum

Room signage: cut aluminum

Name plates: painted steel profile with acrylic & magnets


The concept seems simple: white separators with circular holes that let in the light. However, we had to make sure enough holes were made to prevent employees from feeling isolated, while at the same time providing an intimate and private feature that would ensure the confidentiality of their work. Obviously, the agency was looking for a resistant and transportable solution. It was therefore necessary to combine aesthetics and utility in these separators that were to be fixed to the existing furniture.

We guided the design agency in the choice of materials and technical development. From our experience, we knew the limits and the optimum dosage of perforations to be respected in order to obtain the right balance and not to weaken the metal sheet. Our involvement has made it possible to manufacture solid separators, but not too heavy in case a need to move them, easy to assemble, meeting the needs of the employees and perfectly suited to the work stations.