Siam restaurant

It is rare for an Asian restaurant to display such a rich and warm decor. Whether you enjoy their Thai specialties in the comfort of a lounger, seated on a bench or enjoying the bar area, Siam offers a cozy and exotic ambience, thanks to its superb golden lighting fixtures.




Custom-made luminaires


Metal structure, fabric & LED lighting

The client had given us an inspiration image as a starting point for making custom-made luminaires. They wanted very large ornaments in pleated fabric with a shape resembling that of an umbrella, as well as an ambient lighting that would fill the space with a warm and attractive glow in “gold” tones. In addition to identifying the most appropriate fabric and lighting sources, we had to develop the structure of these imposing fixtures.

One must know that the luminaires ordered are 6 feet in diameter, so we conceived for these large parts a metal frame that is both solid and light, easy to assemble and install. In an effort to provide an optimal solution, our team has developed a suspension that combines lightweight structure, elegant fabric and an impeccable light source. Go see it yourself over a good Pad Thai or the chef’s crispy chicken!