Sisters of Charity stained-glass windows

To alter period stained-glass windows of inestimable value is no small task! The Sisters of Charity congregation wanted to integrate these vestiges in the planning of its new chapel, a mandate they granted to the architecture firm ACDF. Visual Home brought its technical expertise to make it possible.


Sisters of charity

Architects / Designers

ACDF architecture


Sliding stained-glass windows


Hot rolled frames with rails allowing the stained-glass windows to slide

The congregation of the Sisters of Charity wished to install the massive stained-glass windows that decorated its old chapel in a new establishment. However, it was necessary to find a way to put them in front of the windows without condemning the access. To achieve this, we were obliged to reduce the size of the stained-glass windows that were initially 36 inches wide by 8 feet high. The challenge was to cut, solidify and make removable this extremely fragile and precious heritage.

Visual has done a great deal of technical development and engineering to come up with a structure that can hold the stained-glass windows and move them easily considering the need to access the windows behind on a regular basis to clean them. The hot rolled steel frame makes it possible to slide the assembly on rails fixed to the ceiling. Inside the frame, the stained-glass window is blocked between a silicone seal and a foam tape that applies pressure to its back.