Uniprix Branches

In 2017, the Uniprix Group pharmacy chain initiated the transformation of its branches based on a graphic identity proposed by Sid Lee Architecture. In addition to this new conceptual image, the layout of the spaces has been revisited to include destinations such as a health stop and the Vichy beauty salon, thus improving the customer experience. The metamorphosis of each participating pharmacy involves the replacement and addition of visuals, whether it is window dressing, signage – hanging posters, ends of islands, wings – banners, light boxes, etc. To this end, we develop technical solutions and produce more than a hundred items, establishing the choice of materials, printing techniques and fixing methods.



Architects / Designers

Sid Lee Architecture


In-branch visuals


More than 100 visuals including vinyl cutting, styrene printing, pvc printing, self-adhesive film printing, painted acrylic, duratrans, etc.